Jyothi Chandu
Founder, President and CEO

Welcome to Vikishas Technologies, where innovation and excellence converge! Meet our visionary leader, Ms. Jyothi Chandu, the driving force behind our company’s success in the IT services industry.

Ms. Jyothi Chandu, Founder, President and CEO of Vikishas Technologies, is an entrepreneur. Ms. Jyothi holds a MBA in Finance & Marketing and worked as Asst manager in reputed finance company.

Ms. Jyothi has gained enormous knowledge on Big data & Data Analysis , IT applications and IT management expertise, prior to the start of Vikishas. Jyothi is Tableau Certified Desktop Specialist and Tableau certified data analyst. She had a good exposure on Oracle ERP Suite financials and AWS Cloud Services.

As the CEO of Vikishas, Ms.Jyothi brings many years of extensive experience and expertise to the helm. With a deep passion for technology and a relentless pursuit of excellence, Ms.Jyothi has steered Vikishas towards becoming a trusted provider of cutting-edge IT solutions.
Vinay Chandu
Solutions Architect

Mr. Vinay Chandu, holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science and worked in various roles as a Sr Full stack Developer, Solutions Architect, Sr Web Developer and Manager in top corporate companies.

Mr. Vinay is Java Certified Programmer and AWS Certified Developer Associate, having decades of experience in various domain knowledge Automobile, Manufacturing, Finance & Banking, Insurance and Child Care.

Mr. Vinay have successfully delivered a wide range of projects, encompassing cloud migration, infrastructure design, software integration, and process optimization. Leveraging extensive knowledge of industry-leading technologies and best practices, He have helped organizations streamline their operations, enhance their competitive edge, and achieve remarkable digital transformation.

Mr. Vinay thrilled to partner with organizations in their pursuit of digital transformation, leveraging skills, experience, and passion to drive positive change. If you are seeking a Solutions Architect who combines technical expertise with a customer-centric approach, Vikishas look forward to collaborating with you and helping your business thrive in the digital era.